Hair ‘n’ Play to Make Mum’s Day!

Mothers having a bad hair day have help at hand. Darwin now has a hair salon with free babysitting included!

Hair ‘n’ Play is the brainchild of Jo Mufale, who as a mother of three young boys knows the stress of juggling parenting and appointments.

“I know many mothers who, like me, find it really hard to get away for the hour or two or three needed to get a really decent haircut,” she said.

“Between school, work, medical appointments, grocery shopping, sports activities and so on, often there’s no time for the most important person of all – the parent who is run ragged keeping up with it all.”

“Often it is their personal care that comes last on the list of things to be done. My salon gives them a chance to have their hair done without having to organise care for the children, or the nagging worry of leaving them home alone.”

Recently relocated from Coconut Grove to Jingili, the new look salon is intimate and personalised for her clients. Childminding is available on Thursdays and Fridays and late night appointments are available on request.

The salon can be contacted by phone on 8985 4848.